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How to Become a Professional Soccer Player

Professional Soccer Training and Tryouts

Are you interested in becoming a professional soccer player? Are you curious to find out what the professional soccer tryouts look like? If the answer is yes, then you need to learn how to secure a position for trials. You also need to learn what it is like at the trials, discover how to get an agent and how you need to perform while there. In addition to that, you need to understand the entire process of transitioning from trials to playing for a professional team. For you to get picked by a top soccer league, you need to know how to get their attention and also how to perform well once you are picked. With a career in professional soccer, I know what the trials are like and how to become successful anywhere soccer takes you.

What You Get From This Guide

Today, aspiring players can get advice from professional players who are in the 1st division soccer league. These are players who have already signed contracts to play professionally for top teams such as Red Star (Serbia), Benfica (Portugal), Tigres (Mexico) and Shamrock Rovers (Ireland). These players also represent their national teams. Are you currently playing for your school, college, club, or a soccer academy for MLS open tryouts — and are searching for the path to get to the professional leagues? This guide is the way to get there.

This guide to professional soccer allows you to put a unique, personal twist on the process. You can choose to follow the path that is taken by other players without wavering. You can also decide to create your own using the tips indicated within. Whichever path you pick, it is important to understand that everybody gets a lot of help to get to the top. Hence, maintain cordial relations with everyone who helps you on the journey.

Arriving at a trial or a soccer match where scouts for top teams can pick you is only halfway through the process. You have to get an agent and also impress at the trials so as to get picked and advance to a professional level of soccer. As such, here are some guidelines to help you navigate the culture of a trial.

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The Most Important Factors To Maintain Throughout Professional Soccer Tryouts

  • When at tryouts, you are not there to make friends with other players. You are there to get picked for the team. You can make friends after you are signed.
  • Be confident and play as though you are a future Captain of the team you want to join
  • Give the trial all your effort and don’t play safe

The Main Errors that Potential Professional Players Make During Tryouts

  • Playing safe and making efforts to fit in with the other aspiring soccer players
  • Getting so nervous and ending up not enjoying the entire experience
  • Not learning something from the experience whether they get picked or not

After attending a few trials and performing well, you will find out that good performance in the pitch is only a small part of the entire equation. The scouts and coaches of professional soccer teams have specific characteristics that they search for as they decide if a particular player is perfect for their team.

In some cases, the characteristics that they are searching for are not associated with your performance in the pitch as you play. They are features that you cannot change or adjust in yourself. If you are picked or dropped from the trials because of something that you cannot control, don’t despair or judge yourself. These uncontrollable factors include:

  • The demand for your position. If they already have other players picked for the position you are trying out for, too bad
  • Your age
  • The demands about salary amounts if you are a foreign player
  • The financial situation of the club
  • Your citizenship
  • The requirements stipulated by Visa law
  • Any rules indicated by the league concerning players of your age or from your nation
  • Whether you are worth the risk if you have not proven your skill on a professional level

The factors indicated above are just some of the ones which are considered in determining if you are worth the investment for a professional soccer team. If you are rejected, survive the disappointment by learning something new from every experience. Use the rejection as fuel for you determination. Anything that passes you by was not meant for you.

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If you think that you are good enough to get a trial for assessment to join a professional soccer team, then this is the bridge that you need. Learn from the mistakes of other people and you will end up being a genius player. Trials for professional soccer teams are full of lessons. Learn from each one and you will eventually make it into the team of your dreams. Use this tool to prepare to win so that you do not fail.